The contract works required are:

The construction works will include demolition, and redevelopment/modernization of the spaces as follows:

Block 1 – rooms 22-27 

  • Remove existing carpet tiles and replace with new carpet tiles.
  • Remove carpet in the corridor outside room 27 by the student toilets and replace with new vinyl flooring.
  • Remove existing wall coverings and replace with new acoustic wall coverings.
  • Remove existing fluorescent light fittings and replace with new 60W LED batten lights that are more economical to run.

Block 1- Boys and girls toilets opposite room 27

  • Remove the existing floor covering and replace with new vinyl (epoxy flooring to be considered should the budget allow it).
  • Remove existing toilet pans and cisterns and replace with new.
  • Remove existing built-in urinal in the boys toilets and replace with new automatic flushing unit.
  • Complete builders work behind urinal required to remediate any rotten building fabric.
  • Remove existing basins and tapware and replace with new push-button water saving taps.
  • Replace window joinery with windows that allow for constant ventilation.


Project  date: February 2023

Completion: December 2023

Total Project Value: $780,000