Window Joinery / ACM Exterior Cladding Replacement

Removal of existing old wooden joinery.

Installation of insulation to wall cavities.

Installation of new commercial grade powdered coated aluminium joinery.

Installation of new fibre cement wall cladding to exterior walls that are being affected.

Make good all areas where new wall cladding meets existing cladding that is not being replaced, new cladding to match existing.

Upgrade Create wall opening (part of) between Classrooms 2 & 3, and Classrooms 6 & 7 for flexible learning. This will require new steel portal frame to support the current timber ceiling framework. DQLS upgrades including acoustic wall linings, floor coverings, lighting, installation of RCD protection and upgrades to switchboards.

Installation of new illuminated exit signage.

Life-cycle Upgrades to Student Toilets Life-cycle upgrades to enlarge the student’s accessible toilet facilities at the western end of the building including new toilet pans and cisterns, toilet partitions, floor coverings, wall linings, installation of new ceiling hoist and replacement of fittings and fixtures. Effectively to include a new wet area to the building  

Project start date: June 2022

Date of completion: September 2022

Total Project Value: $380,000